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  • Wish Hengchuang Has a Wonderful Beginning!

    Wish Hengchuang Has a Wonderful Beginning!

    Taizhou Hengchuang Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd successfully started construction after the Spring Festival and heads into a new year. Hengchuang ushered in the start-up season after the Spring Festival, and all employees returned to work in high spirits, showing their confidence and determina...
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  • Transmission Gearbox HC-68

    Transmission Gearbox HC-68

    Gearboxes are those designed for a specific application or industry. They are usually customized or modified versions of standard gearbox models optimized for specific performance requirements, environmental conditions or operating constraints. Other gearboxes are available in a wide variety ...
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  • Typical failure type of gearbox

    Typical failure type of gearbox

    Through the analysis of the practical application of the gearbox, it is not difficult to determine its fault. The whole gearbox system includes bearings, gears, transmission shafts, box structures and other components. As a common mechanical power system, it is very prone to failure of mechanical...
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