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About the use of rotary knife cutting machine

The rotary knife cutting machine is an automated cutting equipment used in automotive interior processing. Most of the cutting products are car floor mats. It saves labor and material costs and improves production efficiency to a great extent. So besides cutting floor mats, what kind of products can be cut? What other uses are there for rotary knife cutting machines? With these two questions, let’s discuss them together.
1. Understand the rotary knife cutting machine
The rotary knife performs high-speed rotational cutting of materials with a rotation speed of 12,000 revolutions per minute. The cylinder air pressure is used to press the material with a rod to make the material more fixed during the cutting process. Taking cutting standard 5-seater car floor mats as an example, a rotary knife can cut a set in an average of 5-6 minutes. Compared with the previous manual cutting, the efficiency is naturally much higher.
In addition, the rotary knife is a cost-effective CNC intelligent car floor mat cutting machine with manual assisted loading and CNC cutting. The frame adopts a gantry moving column structure, and all parts of the machine are produced and assembled with extremely high precision to ensure high performance and stability of the machine, as well as excellent quality and durability. Digital control system, stable performance, simple operation. Ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training without professional knowledge; the operating software interface is fully open and has strong compatibility to seamlessly connect with a variety of drawing software.
2. What are the uses of rotary knife cutting machines?
Many people know that a rotary knife can cut car floor mats, but there are also many types of floor mats. Generally, the products that a rotary knife can cut are full-circle floor mats, fiber and linen hoop floor mats, and super elastic wire hoop floor mats. In addition to cutting In addition to floor mats, he can also cut single pieces, fully surrounded trunk mats, 360 aviation soft bags, etc. It can be said that except for leather and rubber car interiors, most of them can be cut using a rotary knife.
The answer to the question about what are the uses of rotary knife cutting machines is shared here. I hope everyone can have a more detailed understanding of the rotary knife.

Post time: Jan-16-2024