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Features and functions of gearbox

The gear box of agricultural machinery is a kind of speed change device that realizes the speed change effect through the meshing of large and small gears. It has many applications in the speed change of industrial machinery. The low-speed shaft in the gearbox is equipped with a large gear, and the high-speed shaft is equipped with a small gear. Through the meshing and transmission between the gears, the process of acceleration or deceleration can be completed. Features of gearbox:

1. Wide range of gear box products
The gear box usually adopts the general design scheme, but in special cases, the design scheme of the gear box can be changed according to the needs of users, and it can be changed into an industry-specific gear box. In the design scheme of the gearbox, the parallel shaft, vertical shaft, general box and various parts can be changed according to the user’s requirements.
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2. Stable operation of gearbox
The operation of the gearbox is stable and reliable, and the transmission power is high. The external box structure of the gearbox can be made of sound-absorbing materials to reduce the noise generated during the operation of the gearbox. The gear box itself has a box structure with a large fan, which can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the gear box.

3. The gearbox is fully functional
In addition to the deceleration function, the gearbox also has the function of changing the transmission direction and transmission torque. For example, after the gearbox adopts two sector gears, it can vertically transfer the force to another rotating shaft to change the transmission direction. The principle of changing the transmission torque of the gearbox is that under the same power condition, the faster the gear rotates, the smaller the torque the shaft receives, and vice versa.

The gearbox of agricultural machinery can also realize the function of clutch during operation. As long as the two originally meshed transmission gears are separated, the connection between the prime mover and the working machine can be cut off, so as to achieve the effect of separating power and load. In addition, the gearbox can complete the power distribution by driving multiple driven shafts with one driving shaft.

Post time: Feb-10-2023