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How to maintain and maintain a rotary tiller
The emergence of rotary tillers has greatly improved the efficiency of agricultural production and reduced the work intensity of working farmers. It has been widely used in our country. As a large-scale agricultural machinery, the rotary tiller will cause the farmland to stop working once it breaks down. Therefore, we need to understand the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the rotary tiller, as well as the maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the rotary tiller. The editor will take you through it below. 1. Common faults and troubleshooting methods of rotary tillers
1. The load of the rotary cultivator is too large
Cause of failure: The rotary tiller penetrates the soil too deeply or the soil is heavy, dry and hard.
Troubleshooting method: Reduce the plowing depth or re-plow appropriately, and reduce the forward speed of the unit and the rotation speed of the cutter shaft.
2. The rotary tiller jumps during operation
Cause of failure: The soil is hard or the blade and universal joint drive shaft are installed incorrectly.
Troubleshooting method: Reduce the forward speed of the unit and the rotation speed of the cutter shaft, and recheck the installation of the universal joint drive shaft; correctly install the blade and universal joint drive shaft according to the instruction manual.
3. The rotary tiller intermittently throws large clods of soil backwards
Cause of failure: The blade is bent, deformed, broken, or lost.
Troubleshooting method: Correct or replace the blade.
4. The surface of the land becomes uneven after plowing.
Cause of failure: The left and right sides of the rotary cultivator are not leveled, the position of the carriage is incorrect, and the forward speed of the unit and the rotation speed of the cutter shaft are not coordinated properly.
Troubleshooting method: Adjust the left and right levels of the rotary cultivator, adjust the position of the carriage, and change the tractor’s forward gear or cutter shaft speed.
5. There is noise in the gear box
Cause of failure: Foreign matter fell into the gear box, the lateral clearance of the bevel gear was too large, the bearing was damaged, or the gear teeth were broken.
Troubleshooting method: remove foreign objects, readjust the clearance, repair or replace bearings and gears.
6. There is a metal knocking sound when the rotary cultivator is operating.
Reasons for failure: The blade fixing screw is loose, the blades or covers at both ends of the cutter shaft are deformed, the transmission chain is too loose, and the inclination angle of the universal joint drive shaft is too large.
Troubleshooting methods: Retighten the screws, correct the cover or replace the blade, adjust the tightness of the chain, control the lifting height of the rotary cultivator, and reduce the inclination angle of the universal joint drive shaft.
7. The cutter shaft cannot rotate
Reasons for the failure: The gear is damaged and stuck, the bearing is damaged and seized, the bevel gear tooth side clearance is too small, the cutter shaft is bent and deformed, the cutter shaft is seriously entangled with grass and mud.
Troubleshooting methods: Replace gears or bearings, readjust the clearance, correct the cutter shaft, and remove entangled grass and mud.
8. Gear box oil leakage
Cause of failure: damaged oil seal, damaged paper pad, cracked gear box.
Troubleshooting method: Replace the oil seal and paper gasket, and weld and repair the box.
9. The universal joint or cross shaft flies out
Cause of failure: The positioning pin fell off, the cross bearing elastic retaining ring fell off, and the cross section was broken.
Troubleshooting method: Install the positioning pin and elastic retaining ring, and replace the cross section with a new one.
10. The blade is bent or broken
Reasons for failure: dropped suddenly on hard ground or collided with hard objects; still cultivating when turning; the blade hardness is too high or has cracks.
Troubleshooting methods: Remove hard objects and land slowly; raise the rotary tiller when turning; stop the operation and replace the blade with a qualified one.

Post time: Jan-23-2024